Here are some diagrams I drew to help aid in measuring the resins.  They are a little busy, but I hope that they’ll work.  I origionally said $10.00 credit for tack, but I decided that there is a lot here so I will offer $15.00 per resin.  Sorry some of the sketches are a little rough.  If you get confused, just contact me at or
208-466-9442.  Please contact prior to measuring if you haven’t already so I know which resins you have.  Thank you so much for your time!  God bless, Dora.
Results can be sent via email or can be mailed to me at MSC 3305; Dora Reeves; 623 Holly St; Nampa, Id  83686-5897.

1:  Measure around the nose, just below the cheek bone.
2: From corner of mouth over poll and to corner on other side.
3: Measure from line 2, over brow to opposite side.
4. Under throat latch, over poll and around, complete circle.
5. From brow (3) to nose band (1) approximately.
6. From nose band (1) to throat latch (4) approximately.
7. Around girth, just behind withers, total circumfrence.
8. From point of withers (highest) to point of rump, (highest).
9. From point of withers to point A in center of chest (1 side)
10. From bottom of knee to bottom of fetlock on front leg.
11. Circumference of cannon of front leg.
12. Circumference of pastern in front.
13. Circumference of bottom of hoof in front.
14. Bottom of hock to bottom of pastern (rear).
15. Circumference of cannon (rear).
16. Circumference of pastern (rear).
17. From point A to line of #7 between front legs.
18. Circumference of base of tail, and state attached or loose.

19. From point of rump to top of base of tail.
20. Corner of mouth, under chin to corner of mouth (chin strap).
21. Down neck from poll to point of withers.
22. From throat latch (#4) to point A.
23. From point A to between hind legs (if tail covers, measure to edge of tail and note that that is what you did.
24. Around the base of each ear, state right or left, from poll to line in #2.  Please measure both.